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This year, we asked Midhurst residents to send in a photo of their jack-o-lantern in one of three categories: under 12, 12-18, and 18+. The top entry from each category win a great local prize!

Follow these steps to vote:
STEP 1 - View the pumpkins below and choose your favourite one from each category, remembering the entry number listed next to the photo
STEP 2 - Select your favourite entries from the voting form below each category and select 'vote'

Unfortunately, the submission period for this year's contest has now closed. Be sure to check back next fall for details on entering the contest in 2022 or check out our events page to take part in another event!

How do I vote?

Can I still enter?

What is the pumpkin
carving contest?

 Category: Under 12 

 Vote for your favourite  -  Under 12

 Category: Ages 13 - 18 

 Vote for your favourite  -  13 - 18 

 Category: Ages 18+ 

 Vote for your favourite  -  Ages 18+ 

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