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Date and Time:

April 25, 2024

7 pm


Midhurst Community Hall – Lower Level

74 Doran Road, Midhurst, ON

Previous minutes—click here.

The Midhurst Community Recreation Association (MCRA) is a not-for-profit community organization in Midhurst, Ontario that provides recreational activities and community events and initiatives to the residents of Midhurst, Ontario. While the MCRA was formally established by the Township of Springwater as a municipal service board in 2017, it was formerly called Midhurst Hall Board and has existed since 1968 to maintain community facilities and foster a sense of community in our village. The MCRA is governed by a volunteer executive board, which is elected for a one-year term. For more information, please contact us here.


The 2023 MCRA board consists of:

Chair — Hale Mahon

Vice Chair — Carol Fleming

Secretary — Hannah Silk

Events Treasurer — Roy Monk

Advertising/Sales Coordinator — Nadia Deamicis

Winter Pavilion Coordinator — Mike Velema

Library Sign Coordinator — Doreen Britt

Council Representative — Councillor Phil Fisher

Member-at-Large — Jack Hanna

Member-at-Large — Lori Hanna

Member-at-Large — Chris Taylor

Member-at-Large — Doug Washburn

Member-at-Large — Ryan Khosrovaneh

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