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The Midhurst Community Recreation Association is proud to host several community events every year. Check out some of our most popular events here.

Midhurst Autumnfest Fall Fair

Midhurst Autumnfest is Midhurst's largest community event and our largest fundraising initiative each year.

Hosted on the last Saturday of September, this fall fair event is host to dozens of local vendors and community groups, fun games and contests, delicious food and much more.

Some notable attractions include the Apple Pie Baking Contest, Jello and Watermelon Eating Contests, raffles and draws, and more.

Formerly hosted at Lion's Park, the MCRA is making use of our new multi-use pavilion as the new site of Autumnfest.

Soapbox Derby & Classic Car Show

The Soapbox Derby & Classic Car Show is one of Midhurst's most popular yearly events since its inception in the mid-2010's. 

This event features one of Ontario's best soapbox races (where kids - and sometimes adults - race soapbox cars in timed races down Doran Road). 

The event also features a collection of some of the area's finest classic cars, with spectators coming from around the region to view the collection.

A BBQ lunch and cake for participants is a staple of this popular event.

Virtual Scarecrow Contest

For several years, a staple contest at Midhurst Autumnfest was the scarecrow contest; residents built and decorated scarecrows on their front lawns and snapped a photo, and the photos were displayed at Autumnfest. Their neighbours could then vote for the most creative scarecrow. 

Unfortunately, Midhurst Autumnfest has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but the MCRA has decided to continue the Scarecrow Contest by turning it virtual!

Residents can now email their scarecrow photos to to be featured online. Residents can then vote for their favourites using our online poll, and the top five entries win a prize!

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