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Each year, we encourage Midhurst residents to build a scarecrow on their front lawn, porch or deck and submit a photo for our voting page. Community members choose their favourite scarecrows and the top five entries win a great local prize. It's a great way to spread community cheer in our village!

1. Vote for your favourite scarecrow in each of the columns below. Each column represents a different category: Traditional, Funny, or Scary.
2. Vote for your favourite overall scarecrow.
3. See results on Monday, October 30

Unfortunately, the submission period for this year's contest has now closed. Be sure to check back next fall for details on entering the contest in 2023 or check out our events page to get involved with another event!

How do I vote?

Can I still enter?

What is the scarecrow contest?





Thank you for voting!

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 30 here and via
social media.

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